About us

Mohammedi Builders Ltd is one of the leading Class One Building Contractors registered in Tanzania.

Mohammedi Builders Limited is a Tanzanian registered class one building contractor.
They’re known for their excellent services provided to their clients.

Mohammedi Builders Ltd is a Tanzanian registered Class One Building Contractor engaging in all kinds of Building Construction and Civil Engineering activities. Mohammedi Builders are well known for excellent services provided to their clients, unparalleled quality of workmanship and their timely completion of projects in a safely manner.

Mohammedi Builders Ltd was first registered with the Contractors Registration Board in 1999 as class VII Building Contractors. In 2002 the company was promoted to Class IV. Moreover, in 2006 the company was once again promoted to Class II. Furthermore, on November 2008 the company was promoted to class I Building Contractors in Tanzania.

This remarkable growth of the company within a short period of time clearly attributes to its workforce from Top Management all the way through to its highly skilled and dedicated staff. The company always aims to provide their clients with workmanship meeting international quality standards with its highly qualified local and international staff, bringing together years of experience from all around the globe.