Our Responsibility

Quality Assurance

Each project has its unique needs and challenges therefore will require a bespoke quality control plan, addressing issues such as:
material storage, workmanship, documentation, submission and non-conforming work. Such detailed procedures are developed for each project that addresses its peculiarities fully.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have recently set up a dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance department. It’s developing Quality Management Systems to establish logical and practical procedures for every department in the company.

This puts us on the path to total quality workmanship. This team also carries out physical quality checks on all building sites, making sure construction is managed as per client specifications and approved architectural and structural drawings.

Health & Safety

No modern project can ignore health and safety issues. However, we at Mohammedi Builders Ltd have always considered it of the highest importance. HSE imposes that it’s both a legal and a moral duty for an organization to protect its employees, clients, and anyone who will use the structures it builds. We are committed to meeting and exceeding best industry practices in all ways.

 After all. Safe workers are productive workers!

Just as with quality control, each project presents a unique set of health and safety concerns. For this reason, we at MBL establish a bespoke HSE plan for each project we work on.

This includes the stationing of first aid trained personnel on-site, ensuring management makes regular inspections personally, and establishing a culture of site cleanliness in all of our employees and contractors.

We believe that all accidents could be prevented. We constantly strive to improve our safety practices to move ever closer to a perfect safety record. We work hard to identify existing and potential hazards, and to control any risks in these three ways:

  • Elimination of risk factors whenever possible.
  • Mitigating or minimising the risk when necessary, via engineering or access controls
  • PPE and administrative solutions are used to maximize safety factors.


We are committed to improving environmental safety and minimising the environmental impact of all of our projects. Not only do we feel a moral and ethical duty to protect the environment, we also understand the growing intensity of public opinion and the negative effects environmental insensitivity can have on the use and effectiveness of a project.

As a result, we are fully committed to developing and using construction techniques that impact the environment as little as possible. Making and using advancements in sustainable architecture and industrial processes, and minimising our carbon footprint in as many ways as possible.

Community Involvement

We believe that it is vital to engage the local community with a building project at the earliest possible stage. Not only does this allow the project to be steered and guided in response to community input, but an engaged community will view the project itself and the organisations involved in it in a more positive light. Making both the building project and its later use more successful. As a result, we have developed expertise in liaising and engaging with the public in many ways, giving more value to our clients.

Student Training/ Field Experience

The builders, engineers and architects of tomorrow are learning their trades and professions today. We at Mohammedi Builders expect to be a leader in the construction industry for the next generation. We are committed to giving future professionals access to the training and real world experience that they need to excel.

We regularly take on students from the University of Dar es Salaam, Ardhi University, DIT and many other colleges, institutions and communities. Helping them get first-hand experience and exposure in their relevant fields of expertise.